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Inline Electrical offer a wide range of commercial services.  Read more about these services below or contact us.

Single and 3 Phase Distribution Boards

Upgrades, such as replacing RCD’s, circuit breakers or main switches, and installation of new distribution boards.

Dado, skirting and lighting trunking

Dado and skirting trunking avoids cutting into the walls and provides a practical solution for the supply of power, data and telecommunication cabling in new and refurbished buildings.

Lighting trunking is the simplest and quickest option to install continuous rows of lights.

New Circuit Installations

Additions to your existing distribution board for new electrical equipment, sockets or lighting.

Fault fInding, Repairs and Maintenance

All electrical circuits can deteriorate over time due to many factors such as environmental influences, wear and tear, corrosion, and accidental damage. The effects of all these can cause degradation to your electrical circuits.

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Thanks for all the electrical work you have done for us and for the prompt and efficient way you have responded to our emergencies - it is much appreciated Mike Wright from St Marys Church